social network

social network

UNIKA SOCIAL NETWORK : messenger Audio and video calls, voice, stickers, gifs, files Wall, Pins, Music, Video, Photo, Gifts, Community, Market, People on the map, Stories and much more … MUSIC PLAYS IN THE BACKGROUND.


  • Exercise Feed
  • Photographs; photograph albums
  • Profile cowl
  • Reposition cowl
  • Slideshow as an alternative a easy cowl
  • Tracks
  • About, pursuits
  • Teams observe
  • Non-public photograph albums
  • Present standing (submit)
  • Shared movies
  • Pals
  • Ship, obtain items
  • Skill to point relative mates
  • Profile Privateness Settings
  • Profile Cowl Image
  • Profile Search
  • Searchable Customized Profile Fields
  • Pleasant Profile URL
  • Block Person
  • Bookmark Person
  • Report Person


Add / remove / load / restore tracks View playlist and friend’s playlist Create / remove / add playlists Search for a track by artist name, song title or album name Publish track as status Change the order of the playlist Change the order of the tracks Edit playlist Edit track, change cover .. Listen music in the background Radio Buy tracks Volume control Find tracks Sort tracks by genre Shuffle Repeat on / off Find friends Listen history

Activity feed photos; Photo albums Profile cover Replace the slide show Slide show instead of a simple cover Clues About, interests Groups follow Private photo albums Current status (post) Shared videos Friends Send, receive gifts Ability to indicate relative friends Settings Profile privacy Profile cover Image Search in the profile Searchable custom profile fields Friendly fields Profile URL Block user Mark user Report user

Community Activity Photos, Videos, Posts Photo Albums Video Album Community Sharing Invitation System Privacy Options Hunt Group and Membership Privileges Location on Live Map

Easily share videos from Youtube / Vimeo Comments and likes Tags Videos Search and category Related videos Similar videos Full size

Amazing touch and slide content Comments and Likes and Rates and Dislikes Tags People Enlarge image Set as default profile Get link Full size Rotate image Delete image Restore deleted image Mark image Image description Image details

Upload images to album or personal photos Upload unlimited images as one request Upload status bar Describe image When uploading in background mode, user can browse the site while images are uploading

Move images to another photo album GIF image, play / pause gifs Change image order Album settings Set album cover Add / delete / restore images Privileges for each album Automatically create an album with deleted photos, for user can restore images


Add comment Emojis Smilies Stickers Edit comments Send gifs in comments Send attachments in comments like tracks, photos, gifs As a comment Reply to a comment Load more comments

Hide wall element Comment directly Filter the wall by favorite user, by certain friend or community Create favorites list Justify content such as images and videos

Filter search results Search people, music, videos Filter people by location, gender, age, online … Filter videos by duration Filter tracks by artist, album name or song name Pagination suggestions Search history

Delete / Restore post Set as active post Retrieve URL as news or video links Add tracks Live map, record Upload videos Upload images Use in posts emoji, emoticons, stickers Poll Tag friends starting to write a friend name I like / dislike like to post share post comment post bookmark post

Buy and surprise a friend with a gift Gifts for life Gifts by category Send private, anonymous or public gifts Wish something for a friend

Playback app Sort apps by category Invite friends to play apps Best apps My apps

See guests on your profile Delete guest Block profile for foreigners

Notify when someone liked your photo, post, video Notify when someone rated your photos Load more notifications

Send, receive text messages, Audio and video calls, voice, stickers, gifs, files Wall, Pins, Music, Video, Photo, Gifts, tracks, videos, images and shared content Black list Activate / deactivate sound Hide conversations Search conversations Delete conversations Edit last message Delete

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